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Sprinter Side Window Covers

Sprinter Side Window Covers

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Van Essential's side window covers are compatible with all Mercedes-Benz vans built from 2007 to current model. These are designed to accommodate the factory glass or any aftermarket vented windows in these locations on the van. They are oversized and grab onto the bare metal frame pocket around the window. All products have T vent split built in as standard, can store in place in the window frame when not in use and also now fold sideways for better use with AMA, Vanwindow Direct or other branded sliding vented windows. These are not only great for privacy, but to insulate your windows at any time of year!

NOTE: These covers are designed to work with BARE METAL vans (AKA Cargo), NOT with custom framed window boxes or other unique frames/builds/trims in the van. There are MANY different builds/designs in vans when considering your side window covers so please email us a picture of your window if you are not sure and we can confirm the compatibility of it before ordering.


  • Integrated fiberglass rods to create stiffness so there is no sag and easy to install/remove.
  • Made with 5.0mm double faced aluminum crosslinked PE foam Insulation which reflects up to 95% of radiant heat and durable ripstop UV resistant Polyester fabrics.
  • Black Fabric is on the outside to support stealth camping and privacy.


  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans 2007- Current models


  • PASSENGER VANS:Magnets don't stick to plastic. The trim looks nice but it is a bit of a pain to work with for magnetic window covers. Here are the three steps we recommend to use our product best:

    • We build oversized magnets in the top of these window covers to get it to bite through the plastic trim and air pocket behind it to the metal body. Each van year and trim style is different. Sometimes this is not enough so we have taken the step to also stitch in one side of velcro to the cover and also supply 3M VHB velcro adhesive to stick together with the magnets along the top. Please clean the plastic with alcohol swab before adhering the window cover.
    • If you are taking off the plastic trim to insulate before putting it back on, you can purchase separately additional magnets (not from us) and glue them into place behind the trim in the correct locations to the window cover. This gives some increased magnetic strength for the cover to bite through easily for you to use and is very neat.
    • If you are not removing trim, velcro is not enough, you can adhere metal tabs or magnets to the plastic. We have seen this done as a last resort but obviously will show when folded up in place. This will give your cover a direct mounting position for any cover over plastic trim.


  • Easy to place and remove, there is a storage sack included as a standard.


  • Processing time: 2-3 days 
  • Shipping time: 1-5 days


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