TIMBER Camper Van Conversion

Starts at $24,575

  • Professionally Installed by Titan Vans
  • Complete Off-grid Electrical System
  • Integrated Fresh and Gray Water System
  • High Quality Components and Materials
  • Available Finished and Unfinished
  • For High Roof Sprinters, Transits and ProMasters
Build & Price
Transit Timber camper van


All our components, materials, and finishes are specifically engineered to withstand the unique temperature fluctuations and movements inherent in camper vans. The Timber Van Conversion features our proven Timber kits, which have undergone rigorous testing and have been utilized for years across a wide array of climates and conditions. The installation, wiring, plumbing, and finishing are all conducted by Titan Vans, a manufacturer specializing in creating highly durable and serviceable camper van builds.

camper van bed system


We've managed to offer this van conversion at a highly competitive price by simplifying, automating, and streamlining our component manufacturing and assembly processes. This methodology significantly reduces labor hours and waste, while maintaining our high-quality standards. Through economies of scale and lean manufacturing principles, we're able to acquire materials at lower costs and minimize waste production. Importantly, we achieve all of this without compromising the quality and longevity of our products.

Included Features

Electrical System

  • Battery Storage & Inverter: The Goal Zero YETI 1500X power station, neatly housed in the wheel well cabinet, provides 1,516Wh of Li-ion battery storage, along with 150W Solar input (DC) inverter capabilities and a 2000W AC output. (Power station upgrades available)

  • Solar Charging: The van features two 100W panels affixed to the roof, wired directly to the Goal Zero.

  • Alternator Charging: The Goal Zero YETI charges any time the engine is running, including while driving or at idle.

  • Ports: The YETI power station features integrated 120V outlets and USB ports. The TIMBER van conversion also provides a 120V outlet and USB ports at the bed, and another set on the side of the Galley.

  • Lighting: Six dimmable LED overhead lights are controlled by two separate switches, one located near the bed, the other on the side of the Galley.

  • Water Pump: A 12V DC powered water pump that automatically turns off and on as needed to ensure steady water pressure.

  • Heater (Upgrade): A Webasto diesel or gasoline-powered heater connects directly into the van's fuel tank to generate heat.

  • Fridge (Upgrade): A 12V DC Marine grade fridge, extremely energy efficient, powered directly from the Goal Zero YETI. (No propane or 120V AC power required)

Plumbing System

  • Faucet: Connected to a 22-gallon fresh water tank via an electric pump.

  • Sink: Drains into two 6-gallon gray water tanks located underneath the sink.

  • Spray-Down Shower: Linked to the 22-gallon fresh water tank.


Marine rim Latches & blum hinges, black formica countertop, baltic birch plywood, and Stainless Steel Large Sink & Faucet with electric pump. Comes with a cabinet with shelving. An Isotherm Cruise 130 fridge upgrade option is available.

Bed System and Mattress

A retractable and removable Bi-Slide bed with a custom designed mattress that fits perfectly on the bed frame and allows for stacking when the bed is contracted. The wheel well cabinets include the electrical house, water tank, and a variety of storage compartments.

Paneling and Insulation

1/4" Baltic birch panels and 30mm thick advanced, thermal-acoustic, D-Mat, insulation. Tweed upholstery may be added when choosing the “finished” upgrade option.


1/2 inch dimensionally stable plywood covered with a hard wearing, hexagon pattern, phenolic film overlay. This flooring is easy to clean, anti-slip, abrasion resistant, and chemical resistant.


All cabinets come with marine rim latches, Blum hinges and are made with baltic birch plywood. Overhead cabinets with doors and a double cubby shelf. Kitchen galley includes shelving unless a fridge upgrade is added. A small 3 cubby shelf located between the kitchen and bed. The wheel well cabinets include a variety of cubbies and cabinets that house the water tank and electrical system.

Spray-Down Shower

The spray-down shower kit comes with a 86" braided stainless steel shower hose with an all-metal shower sprayer. Located on the rear of the driver-side wheel well cabinet, the spray down shower can be used for washing off gear and taking showers.

Optional Upgrades


The finished upgrade option includes tweed upholstery for the walls, columns, and ceiling panels. And a durable, VOC free, satin clear, oil finish for the cabinetry.

Power and Batteries

The standard power station that is included with the TIMBER is the Goal Zero Yeti 1500X which comes with 120W Power Supply and 1,516Wh Battery Bank. The following power stations are also available as upgrades:

Goal Zero Yeti 3000X:

  • Power Supply: 230W
  • Battery Bank: 3,032Wh

Goal Zero Yeti 6000X:

  • Power Supply: 600W
  • Battery Bank: 6,071Wh


Windows are available as upgrade options and come in different configurations. Two rear awning windows, front driver-side window, or both.


A fridge upgrade option is available in place of the right cabinet in the kitchen. The fridge (Isotherm Cruise 130 Elegance) is marine grade, energy efficient, 4.6 cubic feet, with a freezer section.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan upgrade option is available on the rear portion of the van. The fan (Maxxair Fan 7500X) is electric powered with remote control.


A heater upgrade option is available under the passenger seat with a rear facing vent. The heater (Webasto EVO 40) taps into the main vehicle fuel pump, may operate without the engine running, and is altitude adjustable.

Things to Know

  1. This van conversion is available for the following vehicles:
    • Mercedes Sprinter 144" High Roof (2007+)
    • Ford Transit 148" High Roof
    • Ram ProMaster 136" High Roof
  2. Currently only available as a van conversion installed by Titan Vans (More approved van builders and a shipped DIY kit version coming soon)
  3. Expect natural grain, color, and texture variations in wood products

The Process

  1. Carefully read this page to understand all features, upgrades, and information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. After reviewing the information, proceed to the next step.
  2. On the TIMBER Build & Price page, select your upgrade and finish options. When you're ready to schedule your build, fill out the necessary information and click 'Submit Order'.
  3. Upon clicking 'Submit Order', you'll receive an invoice for half of the total cost. This invoice can be conveniently paid via check or ACH payments. A Titan Vans representative will contact you within one business day to schedule your van conversion. Please ensure that the invoice is settled prior to the date of vehicle drop-off.
  4. The remaining 50% of the total cost will be due when you collect your vehicle after the conversion is complete. For any queries, don't hesitate to contact us at 720-282-5075.