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Isotherm Cruise 130 Fridge

Isotherm Cruise 130 Fridge

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Introducing Isotherm's Cruise 130 refrigerator – where style meets technology for top-notch performance. This fridge is not just about looks; it's a high-quality, energy-efficient solution.

The Cruise 130 is the perfect blend of elegance and innovation. With added insulation and a freezer design that saves energy, it outperforms the rest. Enjoy a sleek design that not only enhances your space but also reduces battery consumption, making it a smart and stylish choice for any build. Upgrade to simplicity, efficiency, and sophistication with the Cruise 130 from Isotherm.

Model: C130RBUAB11111AA


  • High quality construction using corrosion-resistant materials
  • Fan-cooled 12 / 24V Danfoss compressor (model BD35F) with low power consumption and quiet operation
  • New installation system allows easy fixing of the cabinet directly from interior of the fridge
  • Innovative internal bushing prevents the crushing of the insulated side wall
  • Blue LED interior light included as standard equipment
  • New handle has been designed to open large sized doors from a central position
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Innovative vent-lock system
  • With simple slide of the invisible mechanism, Cruise Elegance can be switched to ventilation status
  • Newly designed inner lining made of high density plastic
  • Extra-thick insulation means lower power consumption
  • (2) Adjustable shelves, (3) inside door retainers
  • The Isotherm warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase on all components and a 5 year limited warranty on the compressor


  • Model Number: C130RBUAB11111AA
  • Refrigerator Type: Cabinet
  • Interior Light: Yes, Blue LED
  • Mount: None required - cabinet is fixed directly from interior of the refrigerator
  • Total Volume / Capacity:
    • 4.6 cu.ft. - Fridge
    • 0.21 cu.ft. - Freezer
  • Door Swing: Right
  • Compressor: Danfoss / Secop BD35F
  • Dimensions: 29.6" H x 20.7" W x 19.4" D
  • Power Consumption: 418W / 24 hours

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