Van Builders Program Discounts

Our Van Builders Program provides substantial discounts for bulk purchases. These discounts are applied when using the promotion code at checkout, as long as you are enrolled in the program.

If you operate a van conversion business and have not yet registered for our program, we invite you to do so by completing the Van Builders Program Application.

Shipped Orders - Discounts:

  • Paneling
    • $550 off when purchasing 2 Panel Kits
      Discount Code: BP!$550OFFpanelkit
    • $1,100 off when purchasing 3 Panel Kits
      Discount Code: BP!$1100offPANELkit
    • $50 off a Paper Template Kit and a Structural Kit
      Discount Code: BP!$50PPT+S
  • DIY Van Kits
    • $550 off when purchasing 2 DIY Van Kits
      Discount Code: BP!$550offVANKITS
  • Misc
    • $60 off when purchasing Water System and a Spray Down Shower Kit
      Discount Code: BP!$60offWT+WS+SK
    • $100 off when purchasing 6 L-Tracks
      Discount Code: BP!$100off6L_TRACK

Pick Up Orders - Discounts:

The discounts below only apply when you schedule to come to our Boulder facility to pick up your order. These discounts cannot be combined with the Shipped Discounts

  • Paneling & Cabinetry
    • $500 off every Panel Kit
    • $50 off every Cabinet and/or Shelf Kit
    • $500 off every Bed System Kit
  • DIY Van Kits
    • $500 off every DIY Van Kit
  • Misc
    • $135 off when purchasing Water System and a Spray Down Shower
    • $150 off when purchasing 6 L-Tracks