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Structural Assembly for Sprinter Van Panels

Structural Assembly for Sprinter Van Panels

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FOR HIGH ROOF VANS ONLY! *** Does not work with factory drop slider door stop***


  • Our structural assembly kit for Sprinters makes installing van panels easier and creates a clean, tight, and professional finish.


  • Steel pieces to outline the top of the passenger and driver sides to create a straight line around the whole van. 
  • Creates easier connections for panels and overhead cabinetry

Kit includes

  • 144" High Roof includes 6 structural pieces- SOLD OUT
  • 170" High Roof includes 8 structural pieces- SOLD OUT
  • 170" EXT High Roof  includes 10 structural pieces- SOLD OUT


  • Compatible with sprinter vans 144" High Roof, 170" High Roof, 170" EXT High Roof based on which you order. Not interchangeable.


  • Processing time: 1-5 days 
  • Shipping time: 1-5 days 
  • Free Shipping 

Packing List / Diagram 

144" Sprinter Structural Assembly 

170" Sprinter Structural Assembly 

170" EXT Sprinter Structural Assembly 


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